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Foot Fetish

Get ready for a kinky read! Yesterday’s 10K swim was not just about me reaching another milestone on my way to the English Channel. It was the day I got a crush on my friend Dennis’ feet! The conditions were PERFECT! The water temperature was around 20 °C, […]

Handling the fear

One way or another the last couple of weeks have been revolving around the same theme: fear! At some point we all know this creeping feeling of dread conveyed by the open water. Currents, tides, wind, water temperature, flora, fauna, boat traffic, pollution, floating junk… once you enter the […]

Translators can swim too

Remember I was interviewed by the Swedish advertising agency Circus about SwimDream76 last month? Well, my client Amesto has just published the June issue of their newsletter, and it features the result of this interview. Click here to read it. It was a totally unexpected move from my […]

Like a virgin

It’s been an amazing training week! Thanks to the national holidays I had four days off to complete my very first staged 3 day swim. Awesome experience! In preparation of my swim from Elsinore to Copenhagen in July the plan was to swim 5 km three days in […]

La siesta is over!

It always happens when you least expect it! It’s been two and a half month since I applied for La Traversía a nado El Río – a crossing between the Canarian Islands of La Graciosa and Lanzarote. Two and a half month of waiting and not a single […]