Month: April 2014

The fast & the furious 76

The Fast & the Furious 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7… I’ve never seen any of the movies, but one thing is sure after this week’s swimming workouts – I’m not going to star in the next sequel! I’m back in Lanzarote for yet another training camp. […]

The cooking lesson

Feeling bored and hungry? I have the perfect recipe for you! Preheat your brain to 1,000 °C by researching ANY swim calendar available online. Put a zillion ideas into a gigantic bowl, and fill with enough inspiration to cover. Stir together your urge for a challenge, your trainer’s […]

My life as a suckermouth

After my last training session with Susanne I now believe in reincarnation! I’ve made this amazing discovery about my previous life… I used to be a Loricariid fish. You know – those flat guys usually seen grazing on pebbles or on the sides of the bowl. I’m sure I […]