Month: July 2017

Germany, here we come!

[Full swim report here] The captain has spoken! I will swim tomorrow, Tuesday 1st August. 🏊👏🏼🎉 If the wind conditions remain stable, I will swim from Denmark to Germany like last year. I will start around 5.00-6.00 am (CET) from Rødby harbour. My ETA in Germany will be any time […]

Nothing else matters

Sunday 9th July. The weather forecast was more than promising. Plenty of sunny spells, insignificant currents (0.25-0.50 knot), comfortable water temperatures (15-16 °C) and a gentle breeze between 8 and 10 am. We were in for the perfect swim. This year’s crossing between Denmark and Sweden (island of Ven) […]


Deep down in the dark lies the very essence of my vulnerability. A complete surrender to the vast emptiness. To the rhythms of the water and the moods of its countless denizens. I am the self-invited guest and the ocean is my unwitting host. I have a fascination with the open water. Its immensity, its […]