Month: February 2014

Cracking codes

It’s all about the brain! Those last few days of intensive training have once again proved how powerful my mind and subconscious can be. After years of frustration with my double kicking when breathing on my left side I have finally cracked the code! The problem was not […]

The frog and the tuna fish

I know what I want for Christmas this year – an illustrated book about marine wildlife! I made the close acquaintance of a fish the other day – a tuna fish as Paul enlightened me afterwards. Basically, a fish is a fish to me. Same stupid face, different […]

The enemy within

Ok, let me rephrase this… Sea, swim and NO sun! At least to start off with… The first couple of days were windy like hell with buckets of rain. There was actually surface chop in the fish bowl! Paul was soaking wet and almost got blown off the […]

Back to the rock

Sea, swim and sun! What’s not to love about Lanzarote? Amazing lunar landscapes, harsh nature with fascinating scenes, limpid open water, the locals’ hospitality… and the 50 m fish bowl at Club La Santa! Anyone close to me will know I’m not keen on swimming in a pool. […]

Let’s get this party started!

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try”. Whoever said that would better be right… or have a good attorney! I’m turning 40 in 2016 and I’ve decided to treat myself with a swim across the English Channel. Over 35 km in 15 °C cold water with just […]