Month: October 2016

Made in 1976

– 40,000 down, 40,000 more to go. Today is my birthday, and maybe you should know. I’ve had 40,000 lives, leading in the front and shining bright. I’ve been down in the dumps and I’ve been revived. I’ve visited 40,000 places and met 40,000 people. I’ve cherished 40,000 friends […]

Pain in the neck

When I woke up yesterday morning, I knew it was going to be an AMAAAAZING day. I could feel it right away. Like a tickle, getting more and more intense. Like a child’s excitement as Christmas approaches. It had been building up over the past few days. As […]

The fish with the broken fin

Whoever has invented bikes can’t be resting in peace in their grave these days! One by one, my friends are falling victims to this treacherous transportation and training device. Wherever you look, land roads are nearly overflowing with broken collarbones. Is it a bird? Is it a man? No, it’s […]


“Disgusted”, “weaklings”, “cheaters” – really? Please, somebody call the SOS Sex Patrol, for someone here is obviously in desperate need of a good stiff shag! 😱 As you will know, I myself am a sucker for provocation, and no doubt that’s also the reason why my favourite outdoor swimming magazine […]