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Eagle Eye

Photo by Thomas Voller

Her name is Bond. Susanne Bond. Well, not “Bond” like in Her Majesty 007, but “Bond” like in Nielsen. Susanne Bond Nielsen. Code Name? Eagle Eye.

Susanne Bond Nielsen is a professional Secret Swimming Agent with decades in the field. Dedicated to turning us, mortal trainees, into swimming machines, she uses her bionic eye to spot even the tiniest flaws in our technique. She doesn’t just watch – she actually sees! One detail at a time, she has you kick your bad habits and break through the ceiling.

No macho bullshit, no self-glorification – Susanne Bond Nielsen makes YOUR goal her mission. Modestly, she adapts to your very own conditions and trains you to make the most of your capabilities. In her quest for improved efficiency, Susanne is like Q – only in reverse. Instead of inventing new weapons, she uses her experience and research to hone your technique and prepare you for a killer swim. Her flair is the only gadget you need.

Photo by Thomas Voller

Susanne Bond Nielsen has made me the swimmer I am today. Without her, I’d still be nothing but legs and arms struggling for their life in the water. A few other talented coaches have helped me through the years, but at the end of day, Agent H2O-7 is my home base. She’s the redoubt where I can catch my breath and reload. For five years, she’s turned my ups and downs into productive changes. Her training regimen has taught me how to respect my body and goals while pushing back my limits. Her guidance is my ammo.

After my herniated discs in the late fall, she’s helped me pick up the threads and use four months of passive recovery as a total reboot. Since January, we’ve been working on specific self-sensing focal points of my breath and posture that have radically changed my swimming. A remarkably better feel for the water has rapidly resulted in more speed with less effort. After only four months, my paces are back at my 2013 levels when I was at my best. Now, I must cultivate this new feel while building endurance.

Susanne Bond Nielsen is definitely the best field counselor I could wish for. She’s a trusted partner providing me with the best operational and tactical skills so I can walk confidently into the fire with the rest of my team. My revenge on the Fehmarn Belt is our next assignment and I’m ready to prove my mettle. The mission is on!


Psitt! The swim of your life is only a click away -> Susanne Nielsen. 😎


Photo by Thomas Voller


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