Month: March 2014

His Highness Hans Henrik

HHHH – Hans Henrik H. Heming or His Highness Hans Henrik. Some of us are meant to be royals. If not for our lineage, then for our performances. Hans Henrik is a Danish marathon swimmer I’ve been “stalking” online since last summer where he swam around the island […]

A man’s sex life

How quick? How big? How far? How high? How long? How much? Have you ever noticed in these social media times how quantity prevails over quality? It’s not as much about the sport itself and how you live it out, but about how much you do of it. […]

Border shopping reinvented

Rødby-Puttgarden is a classical ferry route used by any respectable Danish fan of border shopping who wants to avoid the sky high taxes imposed on beer and soda in Denmark. But as you will know, border shopping has never been my cup of tea, so I’ve decided to […]

Farewell and welcome!

See you, Lanzarote! As the saying goes, I had to leave in order to come back. And I will! I can’t wait to be in April, where Martin, Susanne and I will be back for yet another intensive training camp on my favourite volcanic island in the Atlantic […]