Marathon swimming is kind of a paradox. All you need as equipment is a swimming suit, a cap and a pair of goggles. It can’t get any cheaper. On the other hand, organizing, supporting and escorting the swims is a rather costly affair. For instance, crossing the Fehmarn Belt costs around 30,000 DKK. The escort boat alone is more than 15,000 DKK. On top of that, you have all overhead expenses for you and your team – travel, hotel, equipment, food and feeding before, under and after the swims. As well as the countless hours of training where you always must be escorted in a kayak or a boat. That’s a lot of people implied and a lot of time spent on the sea. Before you know it, your savings have flown away.

That’s why I’m looking for sponsors who want to help me follow my dream and support my goals:

  • inspire and encourage an active, healthy lifestyle among the followers of my blog and in my local area;
  • raise awareness about open water quality and the importance of safeguarding it. Access to clean open water is a privilege we should treasure. It’s the key to a fantastic world and wildlife we must preserve;
  • help promote open water swimming in Denmark. Anyone can enjoy it without any fancy equipment, even for a few hundred meters. It’s all about experiencing nature and feeling safe in it.

In exchange, I can offer exposure through my blog, the social media and my local network via my companies and my running/outdoor/swimming club Formel76. Also, both my team and I can offer full exposure through our equipment during hundreds of hours of training and you can use my story in your own CSR.

I can provide a detailed budget of all my expenses, so you can target your sponsorship. You can support me with cash, gear or services (massage, etc.). Feel free to contact me at moneaux@mail.tele.dk, so we can tailor a sponsorship package that suits us both.