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SwimDream76 by Thomas Voller

SwimDream76 by Thomas Voller

Because it’s a daring personal challenge

Because I think it’s fun and I thoroughly enjoy it

Because I’m fascinated by the depth and the sense of infinity conveyed by the water

Because it gives me the key to an amazing world where humans are mere intruders

Because it boosts my confidence, making me push through self-imposed boundaries

Because I’ve grown so close to the most fantastic and dedicated team and we share the most intimate moments

Because despite society’s perceptions prioritizing myself doesn’t necessarily make me a selfish pig (pigs don’t swim anyway…)

Because it gives me a greater insight into myself, my emotions and my true capabilities

Because it helps me put skelettons from my past to rest and believe in myself

Because it requires discipline, determination and commitment – three values I cherish but don’t always master

Because I like the lifestyle – and I’m too kinky to wear neoprene 😎

Because swimming is a really good mental place that helps me maintain perspective in my life

Because it helps me sweat off a hard day at work and everything the day tends to pile on

Because it gives me inspiration to use in my job and in my private life

Because it keeps me on the right track as to my health (and my weight 😉 )

Because I’m fascinated by what the human body can achieve

SwimDream76 by Thomas Voller

SwimDream76 by Thomas Voller

Because I believe dreams can come true

Because it’s a choice I’m free to make

Because this is who I am

Right here, right now

So, why not?



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