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Deep down in the dark lies the very essence of my vulnerability. A complete surrender to the vast emptiness. To the rhythms of the water and the moods of its countless denizens. I am the self-invited guest and the ocean is my unwitting host. I have a fascination with the open water. Its immensity, its […]


Because it’s a daring personal challenge Because I think it’s fun and I thoroughly enjoy it Because I’m fascinated by the depth and the sense of infinity conveyed by the water Because it gives me the key to an amazing world where humans are mere intruders Because it boosts my […]


(Article published in Helsingør Dagblad on 28th September 2016, translated by my fellow translator Billy O’Shea) “There can be a fantastic loneliness in those hours looking down into the dark depths” François Kofoed can swim practically naked for nine hours in the open sea. But he knows nothing about football, […]