My goals

Bluefire jellyfish (Cyanea lamarckii)

Marathon swimming is more than just another quick fix on my CV. It’s a passion and a journey where I can develop and expand my horizons. By exposing this journey on my blog, I hope to:

F76-Havsvom• inspire and encourage an active, healthy lifestyle among my friends, my clients in Formel76 and any followers of my blog, motivating them to break free from self-imposed boundaries and ghosts from the past and follow their dreams, no matter if it’s running a 5K, learning to play the violin at the age of 50 or supporting African children;

• raise awareness about open water quality and the importance of safeguarding it. Access to clean open water is a privilege we should treasure. It’s the key to a fantastic world and wildlife we must preserve;

• help promote open water swimming in Denmark. Countries like England and Ireland have a long tradition of swimming in the open. Anyone can enjoy it without any fancy equipment, even for a few hundred meters. It’s all about experiencing nature, getting a closer relationship to it and feeling safe in it.