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Made in 1976

40,000 down, 40,000 more to go.
Today is my birthday, and maybe you should know.

I’ve had 40,000 lives, leading in the front and shining bright.
I’ve been down in the dumps and I’ve been revived.

I’ve visited 40,000 places and met 40,000 people.
I’ve cherished 40,000 friends and despised 40,000 souls.

I’ve run and swum 40,000 miles, I’ve been victorious, I’ve been defeated.
I’ve been infatuated and humble, everything in-between.

I’ve helped 40,000 people, but neglected 40,000 more.
I’ve been open and warm, and I’ve been prejudiced to the core.

I’ve told 40,000 lies and I have cheated.
I’ve kept 40,000 secrets I’ve been entrusted with.

40,000 times we have cried, we have laughed, we have fought.
Yet, my mother is an eternal support. And my lover is my home.

I’ve been moved and devoted, arrogant and challenging.
I have stolen once as a child and given back ever since.

I have kissed 40,000 men, I’ve been sly and naive.
I’ve blasphemed the Church 40,000 times and I’ve never repented.

I am the Pope. I am a sinner.
I have been, I am and I will be.

For another 40,000 years.

40 years

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