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La siesta is over!

It always happens when you least expect it! It’s been two and a half month since I applied for La Traversía a nado El Río – a crossing between the Canarian Islands of La Graciosa and Lanzarote. Two and a half month of waiting and not a single word from the organizers. Then, today, out of the blue, I received an email confirming my entry for the swim. Clearly the Spanish live in a time bobble of their own. I had completely given up on them. So it’s really great news! I’m thrilled. Sea, swim, sun and hammerheads… I love Lanzarote!

The problem is I’ve made other plans in the meantime. I’ve decided to join my friend Uffe for the Berlin Marathon on 28th September. With La Traversía taking place on 4th October, just one week after the marathon, this is really bad timing – both for my body and for any attempt of achieving a great swimming performance. Not to mention the costs of a double trip! Unless I rob a bank or sell off Martins shoe collection, I guess I’ll have to transfer my entry for La Traversía to 2015.

On the bright side, I’ve got plenty of time to scrape together what I can. I can always hope for a little miracle! In the meantime I’m getting ready for my three-staged swim this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Same longer distance three days in a row to test my endurance in the open water with and without my wetsuit. Uffe is ready with his kayak, while Thomas, Britta, Martin KM and Martin N will join me in the water and/or follow me from the beach. Hopefully the bloody cold I’ve caught will be over by Thursday so I can enjoy this week’s exciting challenge. I can’t wait!

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