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Yet another fortnight

Yet another fortnight has gone by since I came back from Lanzarote, and I’ve been quite a busy bee, trying to combine both my jobs and my training most effectively.

DOWSA swim out 080514I was supposed to take part in a swim out event organized by DOWSA on 4th May. With more than 100 swimmers, it’d have been a fantastic opportunity for me to do some networking with fellow open water swimmers, especially those who have already crossed the English Channel or are going to cross it this year. But the tiles in the local pool in Elsinore decreed otherwise for me. While doing my not-so-beloved floating drills, I sprained one of my toes and had to leave the pool half way into my workout. So no swim out 2014 for me, nor any swimming for another four days. Although frustrating, it was no use crying over split milk. I’m sure I’ll get to meet those swimmers anyway.

CircusWhile waiting for my toe to recover, I was contacted by a Swedish advertising agency, Circus, for an interview about SwimDream76. The agency works with one of my clients who wants to publish a short column about “the swimming translator” in the June issue of their periodic newsletter. It was a totally unexpected move from my client. I felt honoured and it was fun to try being interviewed.

CPH marathon 2014As soon as I landed from Lanzarote, I was back on my normal training schedule. But last week was slightly lighter as I had to taper in order to be ready for Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon on Sunday 18th May. Because of a returning inflammation in my Achilles since Christmas and my swimming taking most of my time I hadn’t been able to train dedicatedly for the marathon. So I decided to drop any ambitions as to my finish time and focused on having an amazing day, enjoying the sphere and all the people around me. And so did I. I had an awesome day with help of the world’s best and loudest cheering squad, running almost the same distance as me in order to reach every single corner of the running route. ❤

As to my swimming, I’m working on building up my weekly mileage in the open water without the use of my wetsuit. Thomas was stuck in the fish bowl, losing his motivation, so we decided to trade the fish bowl for Snekkersten harbour once for all. The water is already around 11 °C, so we can swim longer and longer distances without freezing to death. While Thomas desperately hangs on to his wetsuit (not much of a Viking – yet), I’ve managed to swim my first kilometre in nothing but my Speedos. It feels FAN-TAS-TIC! The plan is to increase the distance bit by bit this week under Thomas‘ surveillance so I can swim 2 km by next weekend when I’m to test swimming with Uffe paddling by my side. At the same time, I keep on working on my technique and my speed/acceleration skills in the fish bowl, a necessary evil.

One important note to myself for the coming weeks – always confiscate your swim buddy’s girlfriend’s Smartphone with integrated video camera before you swim… 😉


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