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Translators can swim too

Den simmande översättarenRemember I was interviewed by the Swedish advertising agency Circus about SwimDream76 last month? Well, my client Amesto has just published the June issue of their newsletter, and it features the result of this interview. Click here to read it.

It was a totally unexpected move from my client. I felt honoured and it was fun to try being interviewed.

The Swedish open water community is very developed compared with Denmark, especially when it comes to swim&run (trail aquathlon). The Swedes are quite wild! It’s very VERY tempting altogether, but swim&runs will have to wait! Rule number one for any personal training: remain sensible, stick to the plan… or your trainer will kill you! And I’m sure I’ve brought mine on the edge of mass murder quite a few times already!

Yet it’s part of my plans for 2015 to try one of the many swimming challenges to be found in Sweden. I’m considering Vidöstersimmet, Sweden’s longest open water swim. The distance is around 21.5 km – like a half marathon in the water. A new and exciting way to experience a distance I’ve run a zillion times on foot. It’s all about reinventing yourself, right? 😎 The swim takes place in a lake and while it’s quite different from swimming in the sea, Vidöstersimmet is pretty tough because of the weather conditions (relatively low temperature, fog, etc.). A mental and physical challenge definitely worth the shot! I’m in!

In the meantime I’ll carry on with my plans for 2014. On my schedule this week I have interval training and more mileage, as well as a visit by my physiotherapist who’ll have a closer look at my neck and shoulder asymmetry. I don’t want to take the risk of letting it turn into an injury. Better be safe than sorry!

Have a nice weekend. “See you” next week!



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