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Foot Fetish

SD76_Foot FetishGet ready for a kinky read! Yesterday’s 10K swim was not just about me reaching another milestone on my way to the English Channel. It was the day I got a crush on my friend Dennis’ feet!

The conditions were PERFECT! The water temperature was around 20 °C, no wind, no current, no jellies, mostly cloudy so no boats, no jet skis, no other potentially dangerous sea activities to look out for. We had the Sound for ourselves. It couldn’t be any better!

Four of my friends had come to swim with me. As always Thomas led the pack untiringly all the way. Dennis joined us after 4K and Martin after 6K while newbie Sister Camilla swam an amazing 1000 m with us at the finish. On the shore Lotte, Merete and Marlene took care of all logistics. They say you’re only as good as your team. And yesterday was no exception, with Dennis Seiler-Holm as the man who saved the day!

It all started with my goggles leaking already after 500 m, forcing me to stop a billion times to try to fix them. I may be positive and patient most of the time, but deep inside I still have latin blood – and a few anger management issues! I could barely see 10 m in front of me and swam the first 4K practically in the dark. I saw nothing of the beautiful coast and missed all the places I had looked forward to seeing from the water, like Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Right after Humlebæk harbour I couldn’t take the frustation anymore. I blew a gasket right in the middle of the sea and was just about to hurl the bloody goggles away when Dennis offered me a free ride by letting me draft off his feet directly so I could use the bubble trail to follow him.

SwellingI surrendered and put myself completely into his hands (or should I say his feet). For five kilometers Dennis was my eyes and my compass and towed me all the way to Snekkersten. And what an exciting ride! When was the last time you had the chance to spend 90 minutes or more gazing at a friend’s feet? Peering at every detail, marveling at the gorgeous curves of his ankles, swooning over the graceful movement of his feet swaying through the water with their nicely arched soles elegantly pointing up towards the surface? Wondering where he had his perfectly pedicured tootsies done? A captivating view, awaking your senses, your skin tingling with a growing desire to touch his feet just for one second, giving yourself up, going into raptures, reaching your climax underwater, swept away in pure ecstasy… Well, good for you, but feet are not my thing! Besides, with the swelling of my eyes due to the salty water leaking into my goggles I’d never had a chance to start fantasizing about them. I’ll stick to Jason Statham‘s pecs!

10 K collageAnyway, despite the frustation over my goggles and the resulting swelling of my eyes I had a fantastic swim. I got a few lessons to learn from – like avoiding working like a dog and having my in-laws over for dinner the day before an important stage. Bad hydration, no energy loading, wine for dinner, late bedtime, too little sleep… You get the picture!

Most of all I’ve learnt once again the true value of team work both in the water and on land. I’m grateful to have so many people around me sharing my dream one way or another. We may be into different fetishes, but we are one hell of an ass-kicking team! Long live Dennis’ feet! 😉



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