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Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Last weekend I decided to change scenery and headed to Berlin in order to run the marathon with my friend Uffe. Martin and Camilla were there as well and supported us all the way. We had an awesome weekend and I couldn’t help spicing up our mini-trip with […]


No storm, no toothy monsters, no blooms of slimy squid, no panic, no drama at all. Nothing but the moonlight, colourful glow sticks and a whole bunch of happy people gathered by Lars Bergelius for an awesome 2K night swim in Esrum lake. For the occasion I had […]

The fish love me!

“Are you preparing for the Third World War, Sir?”, smirked the cashier as I passed him with my trolley crammed full of toilet paper. “No, I just have a very exciting swim on Saturday and I’m nervous like hell!”, I answered casually. It was only Thursday, but I […]

Hall of Shame

Let’s take a break. Just for one moment, for one post. Enough self-glorification. Now is the time to let a few skeletons out of the closet. You know, the little secrets we only reluctantly share in public. The ones that might spoil this image of perfection we hold […]

And then they were 17

There were 17 of them. 17,03 to be exact. But after 10K, who’s counting anyway? I had the swim of my life. Everything went according to plan, if not better. My tapering and my sleep over the last six days were right on target. The weather was scorching […]