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Hall of Shame

Let’s take a break. Just for one moment, for one post. Enough self-glorification. Now is the time to let a few skeletons out of the closet. You know, the little secrets we only reluctantly share in public. The ones that might spoil this image of perfection we hold on to on social media, on the street, at parties, etc. Now is the time for me to open the door and let people take a peep inside my Hall of Shame.

Hall of ShameSome friends are there for you when you’re happy. Others when you’re sad. And then, you have this very special kind of friends – the ones who make you grow. That’s exactly what Thomas did to me the other day.
We were doing a photoshoot to promote SwimDream76. For three hours I had a real blast in his studio! Can you imagine? Spotlights, a thousand outfits (Thank God Funky Trunks were invented!), attitude, poses and the unavoidable naked shots at the end ğŸ˜Ž Three hours of star quality. I felt great. I felt invincible. Then, right in the middle of our conversation about sponsors and tying SwimDream76 to a good cause, Thomas reminded me of one thing. SwimDream76 is not just about my crazy idea of swimming across the English Channel. It’s first of all the story of my life. The story of how I got this wake-up call years ago and decided to turn my life upside down. No more excuses, no more self-pity, no more blaming it on whatever seemed a plausible cause. My body, my health, my life – they are all mine and mine alone to maintain.

Make YourselfThomas made a very welcome (and needed) intervention back in the studio. SwimDream76 is not about yet another hey-watch-me-coming achievement to be ticked off on my CV. SwimDream76 is another step in the journey of my life. The journey of my own creation. No, I wasn’t born a perfect athlete. No, I haven’t been fit all my life. Yes, I’ve struggled to lose 30 kg. Yes, I still can be PRETTY lazy and I still happen to think life seemed much easier when I had my ass planted on my office chair all day long. Everything comes at a price. Either you’re willing to pay it or you’re not. And so you are the reflection of the many directions you choose to take in your life. You are who you choose to be.

Thomas has made me realize I’m much more than a marathon swimmer today. There is a whole bunch of me in this project. My journey is and will always be a part of me. It’s my main source of power and will. I’ve been working to make things happen. I’ve paid the price. So Hell no! No Hall of Shame for me! It’s my Hall of Life. I may have taken a few detours along the way, but there is nothing shameful about that.

Respect yourself and be your own hero!





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