Breaking the waves

First, a couple of herniated discs. Then, an emergency jaw surgery and the death of my dog. And now, a series of strained intercostals because of a simple stretch on my way out of bed in the morning. My life’s been quite stormy lately. But you know what? I’ve never had better […]

Eagle Eye

Her name is Bond. Susanne Bond. Well, not “Bond” like in Her Majesty 007, but “Bond” like in Nielsen. Susanne Bond Nielsen. Code Name? Eagle Eye. Susanne Bond Nielsen is a professional Secret Swimming Agent with decades in the field. Dedicated to turning us, mortal trainees, into swimming machines, she uses her […]

A new side

(Article published in Danish Out & About magazine on 10th April 2017, translated by my fellow translator Billy O’Shea) Crazy about Funky Trunk By Frank Holm Long-distance swimming and running occupies a large part of François Kofoed’s life, but it hasn’t always been like that. He was bullied in his school days because […]

Chasing unicorns

Have you heard of Ben Hooper? Ben is a Brit who attempted to swim the Atlantic Ocean for charity. The Danish media reported his story back in November as he set off on his monumental adventure from Senegal to Brazil. I saw the news in a Danish forum for open water swimmers on Facebook. […]


Because it’s a daring personal challenge Because I think it’s fun and I thoroughly enjoy it Because I’m fascinated by the depth and the sense of infinity conveyed by the water Because it gives me the key to an amazing world where humans are mere intruders Because it boosts my […]