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All about that ice cream

GummistrandTime flies! Spring is here! The water is getting warmer and warmer, and I’ve been enjoying it as often as possible since 1st April, rejoining my team for a quick dip&swim and a hot afterswim tea (and an ice cream 😎 ) at Café Vitus at the harbour in Snekkersten. Now the water is already around 10 °C and I’m up swimming a few hundred meters at a time. Gosh, I’ve missed it! It feels amazing to be back in the sea. I love the feeling of the icy cold water. Wetsuits are so overrated! 😀

RomeIt’s already been over a month since the Rome marathon where I had the most paradoxal run ever. On the up side it was the most beautiful run I’ve ever had. It was like running in an open museum. We ran past every single monument, square and fountain in the city and I felt so small and humble in the face of so much history. On the down side I had a physical breakdown a few days before the marathon. Martin and I were chilling around in the Coloseum, eating one of many ice creams we were “forced” to eat (carbo loading, you know), when I suddenly felt extremely tired and almost went to sleep on the spot. The same thing happened every day, including during the race. Very weird… But as we had agreed, Martin helped me through the run so I didn’t miss this breathtaking experience. Despite the odds I made it all the way to the finish line, but I was left pretty worried about what was going on with me.

RomeI guess I should have seen it coming. I mean – that was our first weekend alone and away from home in a thousand years. After a long winter with many mishaps like my jaw surgery we had hoped we could hide away from fate in Italy. But no, everything kept on going wrong – including the very morning of the race where we started the day with the curtain rail collapsing right onto Martin’s head, only to reveal that it was raining cats and dogs outside. Oh Happy Days… Anyway, at the end of the day we had a blast of a run and a great trip. If you’re planning a short getaway to Rome soon, check out the Pantheon Royal Suite Hotel and the Ristorante Casa Coppelle close by. The food and the service at the restaurant were remarkable and the hotel even had a Swim Dreams suite, which is why we HAD to stay there. 😉

Snekkersten strand 3Since I’ve been back from Rome, I’ve been relaxing quite a lot. Apparently I’m burnt-out, exhausted – whatever the wise men call it. My job, my surgery and all the things happening this winter have drained me of energy. DreamTeam76The solution is quite simple and enjoyable – sleep, relax, less work, gentle training, be good to myself. The perfect cure! Did anybody say ice cream? 😛

So it’s exactly what I’ve been doing. No running, no speed training at the pool and only limited strength conditioning. After a few days of AAA-processing I came to terms with my current state and made the best out of it. I chose to focus on spring and my swimming outside. Ice creamThat’s why I’ve been a very dedicated guest at the harbour, grabbing any chance to fuel up on ice creams in order to resist the cold water. Luckily I’m not the only culprit – my friends and family have been around, helping me make my way through the many flavours on the menu.

Helix BlueSeventyNow May is here and it’s time for longer swims! As last year my plan is to make a staged swim over the Ascension Holiday 14th-17th May. Hopefully the temperature will be high enough so I can nail my long swim as planned. I’ve just ordered my new wetsuit for the season – a Helix by BlueSeventy as usual – and I can’t wait to try it together with Thomas on Sunday. As anyone will know, new gear calls for a celebration! A cone and three scoops will do for me! Bon appétit !


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