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The day I found a new muscle…

It’s never too late to learn, never too late to crack a new code. That’s for sure! This time I’ve discovered how to use my back muscles more efficiently in my swimming. A modest change of angle in my stroke, a slight shift of body awareness in my pull and all of a sudden my back fired like never before. My biceps were instantly relieved on both arms and my stroke got a new flow and a more powerful catch and pull. Like an Epiphany, the code was suddenly (and finally) cracked. When Mother Nature has given me back muscles, I might as well use them 100%…

Aftenssvøm 1Once again I’ve had a fantastic week in Lanzarote, in the world’s best company with Martin and Susanne. I went for an evening swim the other day. That was niiiiiiiice! The way the light played with the water, along with a gentle wind and colder undercurrents here and there – it was all very fun and relaxing. I enjoyed it so much I actually collided head-on with one of the buoys. That’s what I call swimmer’s high and staying 100% on course!

imageEvery time I swim in the lagoon my friend the tuna fish keeps on joining me. Obviously this little guy is quite social, almost acting like a dolphin. Who said wildlife can’t act like in Disney movies? I choose to believe our many encounters are more than just coincidences. Maybe it’s a sign from Mother Nature to make me feel welcome in the open water. Maybe the tuna is meant to be my guardian angel. Or maybe it’s a sign I should stop eating so many tins of fish for lunch and show a little gratitude towards my aquatic friends. I’m sure a shrink or two may have an interesting view on that matter…

Susanne CLSAnyway it’s been an amazing week at all levels. It’s been fantastic to have Susanne by my side for a whole week. Your personal trainer is much more than just another person designing your training plans. He/she’s the one believing in you, sharing your dream and accompanying you all the way along your journey. It’s a mutual and intimate relationship based on trust and faith in each other. Your personal trainer is your source of inspiration and guidance, the one helping you find a structure and peace of mind so you can move safely towards your goal, one step at a time. No dictating, no making you slavishly follow specific guidelines. Your personal trainer is like a mirror, this extra voice in your head, helping you reflect about yourself and the adventure you’ve embarked on. I’ve been a huge fan of Susanne since day one, and this training camp has confirmed my conviction that she’s the right sparring partner for me. And when it comes to Club La Santa, there may have been quite a lot to moan and groan about through the years, but the new facilities are definitely worth every penny. They are a treat for both your body and your soul. They have very much to recommend them!

Evening drinkLast by not least, as a must do (and an excuse for having one last evening drink in the sunset), Martin, Susanne and I went swimming on the IronMan course in Carmen last night, making sure to warm up the water so it’s ready when some of the toughest triathletes will gather to Lanzarote next Sunday for the biggest sport event in the Canary Islands. As to me, I’m going back to Denmark where I’ll take part in the first “swim out” event of the year organized by DOWSA on Sunday.

So long, Lanzarote! As always I’ve had a fabulous time. I’ll be back for more!


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